Takaful Al-sham

Who We Are

Origins and Evolution

Takaful Al Sham was founded in 2012 by a group of 5 friends and volunteers who couldn’t bare seeing their country being destroyed and their people suffering in despair.

They decided to make a difference and dedicate their efforts to humanity. It is the crisis in Syria, which has resulted in millions of severely affected people and refugees losing everything, where hundreds of thousands of children continue to suffer from violence, displacement and ignorance. 

It was the fear of the dark future for the coming generations, which had this group of 5 go from a community humanitarian initiative to a large scale humanitarian organization. 

The will of a team with a mutual vision led Takaful Al Sham down the road of wanting to create a better and safer future for children and youth, in addition, to relieve crises-affected populations and implement sustainable projects guided by the people’s basic needs and the principles of humanitarian relief.


In 2013, Takaful Al Sham became a registered organization in Turkey under the license number: 27-016-179.

Mission & Vision

The organization's mission and vision for the future

Children in Syria

Our Mission

We work to alleviate human suffering, ensure equal rights, and opportunity to live in dignity and security. By providing Education, Protection and Power to Women, Youth and Adolescents through scientific methodologies and innovation, we prepare populations for a sustainable future.

Our vision

Empowering humans to lead by example, by values, and to contribute to the development of society and self.

Our values

Values that control the work of the organization in all its dimensions


We seek to help transform by helping to strengthen the capacity of people, communities and countries to anticipate, manage, recover and transform from destruction to recovering, rebuilding, and returning better.


We sincerely conduct our duties according to the set plan. We commit to transparency and credibility amongst all the stakeholders; staff, donors, partners, beneficiaries, governments and all other humanitarian actors.


We believe that we are one team and we have one responsibility that is to succeed in our work, help humanity, alleviate human suffering, follow through with our mission and achieve our vision hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder.

Mutual Respect

Respecting the diversity in views, backgrounds and beliefs of all stakeholders and ensure that respect is returned. Human dignity is preserved and respected!

Continuous learning and improving

We learn from all available resources, we benefit from our organizational experience and the experience of our stakeholders, other humanitarian actors, all in order to improve our work.


We believe in the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities of all those we work with and work for. Humans are humans regardless of gender, age, marital status, economic status, ethnicity, religion, perspective & beliefs.


We believe in being open and honest. This applies in our relations and work we do with all our partners, being open and honest with our beneficiaries, being open and honest with our staff in our goals and objectives, processes, information, and much more.

Our strategic goals

The goals that we are working to achieve in our strategic plan

Empowering Adolescents, Youth and Women

Providing these target groups with the skills, experiences and awareness to be positive contributors to self, family and society as a whole.

Providing Education

For children in a safe, appropriate and high quality, teaching and learning conducive environment.

Developing the Capabilities of People Who Need It the Most

And securing basic needs and livelihoods in a way that preserves their dignity.

Building an Institutional System

According to international standards; humanitarian principles, humanitarian preparedness and response by maintaining dignity and rights adopted in our humanitarian work.

Achieving Long Term Financial Sustainability

For all those we work for and to improve the economic stability and long-term financial longevity of income generating activities that enable individuals, families and communities to survive and have a thriving economy once again.

Developing the Team

Ensuring that the team achieves the mission of the organization while upholding the humanitarian principles and values of the organization in order to be good examples for others in the organization as well as amongst the humanitarian actors. Providing the opportunity of growth and development of skills, techniques, processes and refreshers to maintain a level of quality.