Takaful Al-sham

Who We Are

Origins and Evolution

Takaful al-Sham was founded in 2012 by a group of people and volunteers who are interested in humanitarian work in response to the crisis in Syria that resulted in millions of severely affected people and refugees in an unprecedented way, where Hundreds of thousands of children suffered from violence, displacement and ignorance and that was a sign for a dark future for the next generation.

The will of a team with a mutual vision decided that Takaful Al-Sham should be a road to draw a better and safer future for children and youth, in addition, to relieve crises-affected populations and implement sustainable projects guided by the basic people’s needs and the principles of humanitarian relief.

In 2013, Takaful Al Sham became a registered organization in Turkey under the license number: 27-016-179.

Mission & Vision

The organization's mission and vision for the future

Children in Syria

Our Mission

We work to provide education and protection for children and rehabilitate adolescents and young people through a scientific methodology and innovative tools. In addition to providing needs of the vulnerable and preserving their dignity wherever they are.

Our vision

Empowered human who is led by values to contribute in building a developed society.

Our values

Values that control the work of the organization in all its dimensions


we conduct our work perfectly and seek to add better values in order to achieve the level of excellence


respecting the divergence in views among the team and outside it. The human dignity should be preserved regardless of his/her belief and culture.


we sincerely conduct our duties according to the set plan. We committ to transparency and credibility between teams' members and stakeholders.

Team Spirit

We believe that we are one team and we have one responsibility that is to make a success of our work and achieve our vision.

Continuous learning and improving

we learn from all available resources and we benefit from our experience in order to improve our work.

Our strategic goals

The goals that we are working to achieve in our strategic plan

Empowering adolescents and youth

And providing them with the skills, experiences and awareness to be effective in their society.

Providing education

For children in a safe, appropriate and high quality environment.

Developing the capabilities of the needy people

And securing basic needs and livelihoods in a way that preserves their dignity.

Development the team

To be an example in performance and reliability and to constitute the effective core to achieve the mission of the organization.

Achieving financial sustainability

For charitable and development work.

Building an institutional system

According to international standards adopted in humanitarian work.