Two new schools opened in Al-Bab

Students Dropping Out of Schools

As a result of the repeated displacement of families, many children drop out and freeze their education for long periods of time. This leads to the danger of spreading ignorance, especially that the number of children who drop out of education has exceeded 2.8 million inside Syria, according to the UNICEF report issued in March 2020.

Great Efforts to Restore Education for Children

Takaful Al Sham has launched several education projects in order to restore the right to education for dropout children under the slogan “Education is a Right for Every Child.” The activities of these projects vary between repairing schools, supporting them with basic requirements, providing stationery bags for students in addition to constructing temporary learning spaces; in order to provide education for children in a conducive to learning environment.
Recently, our educational teams rehabilitated and reopened two schools in Al-Bab (Aisha al-Sadiqa – Omar al-Mukhtar) in cooperation with the Directorate of Education and the town’s local council. The opening included recreational activities for students and a tribute to the Assistant Director of Education in Gaziantep, “Wasif Mines”, in addition to honouring the educational staff who put all their efforts to rehabilitate these two schools.