An overview of the tragedy in Syria


The Syrian conflict has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history, with more than half of the country’s pre-war population – more than 12 million people – either killed or forced to flee their homes.

In Syria, people struggle to live in towns – that are mostly destroyed- or through building a new shelter (a tent) in the border areas with neighbouring countries, especially Turkey – looking for safety – or establishing a shelter in neighbouring countries, while others risked their lives trying to reach Europe hoping to find acceptance and opportunity.

Harsh winters and hot summers worsen displaced people’s life even more, especially for children, women, and vulnerable groups.

When we consider the consequences of the conflict such as the wounded, detainees, people who lost parts of their bodies, or even their lives, millions of displaced people and refugees, in addition to the economic and social impacts, the effects of the conflict seem devastating.

12 million

either killed or forced to flee their homes

hundreds of thousands of people

killed in The war

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Our efforts to help the Syrians

When did the war start in Syria ?

Anti-government demonstrations began in March 2011, as part of the Arab Spring, but peaceful protests escalated rapidly due to the violent crackdown by the government, then armed opposition groups began to respond.

What happened to the Syrians who were caught in the war?

The war killed hundreds of thousands of people in the next eight years. Big cities have been destroyed, horrific human rights violations were recorded, and basic needs such as food items and medical care are now in short supply.
The United Nations estimates that 6.2 million people have been internally displaced.
When it comes to refugees, more than six million of the country's pre-war population of 22 million are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, whether they are still in the country or have fled across borders.

How do Syrians flee from war?

Thousands of Syrians get internally displaced every day. They often take the decision to flee after destroying their neighbourhoods or when their family members get killed.
Those who flee looking for safer and more stable area leave most of their belongings behind. They may have to travel long miles, unsure of where to find their next meal.

Our efforts to help the Syrians

what does Takaful alsham do to alleviate the tragedy of the Syrians

Provide shelter for the displaced

Provide food for the camps

Provide clean water

Provide psychological support for children

Provide clothing

Provide education for children

Youth training and development

Empower adolescents and women