At The Beginning

Since the beginning, Takaful Al Sham has been carrying out its tasks in the best possible way that preserves the dignity of the beneficiaries and preserves their rights within the international humanitarian work standards. This has made the organization’s work elaborate, diligent and professional.

Documenting Excellence:

Recently, TAS underwent a comprehensive quality audit of its projects after contracting with the Quality Assurance Initiative for Humanitarian Projects in Geneva (HQAI).
According to this audit, we obtained a certificate proving that our work is carried out in accordance with international quality and accountability standards (CHS) and the certificate obtained conforms to the standards of (ISO / IEC 1706).

A Thank You and Covenant Renewal

We thank all the members of the Takaful Al Sham team who contributed to this great achievement. We also promise our affected people that we will always do our best to help them at the highest quality based on the Core Humanitarian Standards and Principles/ More details about the certificate obtained by Takaful Al Sham can be found in the link