About the Program

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TAS’s S/NFI programming reflects a broad and holistic approach, aiming to ensure that all activities promote gender equality, livelihoods, wellbeing, and health. Shelter and NFI responses are context-specific and informed by the diversity of needs and experiences of individuals in need. Our Program is divided into 2: Shelter and NFI.
Shelter is further categorized under Emergency Shelter, Shelter Rehabilitation and Shelter Repair. In reference to Non Food Items, they vary depending on the season and the purpose ie. Winterization Kits, Hygiene, Core Relief Items
With our unique approach and partnerships with local communities, Takaful Al Sham is able to ensure that displaced persons have adequate shelter and essential household goods (NFIs), especially in preparation for harsh rain and cold weather in winter. TAS has expertise in efficiently locating the most vulnerable beneficiaries, delivering and distributing NFIs as well as installing and upgrading ground and shelter insulation while providing other critical preparation activities and items for winter.
We provide shelter for the displaced and those fleeing their homes, whether by repairing houses or equipping camps, where we install and insulate tents and secure their needs of latrines and facilitate roads and sanitation.

S/NFI Program in Numbers

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