About the project:

The poor economic situation in Syria due to the prolonged war has led to a great need to support the local economy. This prompted our team to focus on enhancing early recovery and livelihood projects, and place them as priorities.
Rawafed Project is one of the key projects that is being implemented in Azaz, Kelly and Janderis. It includes:

Supporting small businesses through providing trainings on entrepreneurship skills and business management to enable beneficiaries to manage their projects effectively and to prepare improvement plans. In addition, providing financial support of 1000 USD for each beneficiary to help them launch and or enhance their projects.

Rehabilitating many commercial roads in Azaz and Janderis to enhance the economic movement in the area and facilitating vehicles movements between markets and industrial zones.

Cash for Work activity recruited 60 individuals to work on rehabilitating commercial roads.

The total beneficiaries reached 2,200 individuals according to a criterion that ensures best outcomes for the community.