Ihyaa Project

About the Project:

Displaced families in Northern Syria suffer due to the lack of basic livelihood needs as they live in barren lands.

Water is basic for life. Lacking water is one of the biggest challenges that the displaced face as they cannot find latrines or sanitation services or even potable water. As it is our humanitarian duty to provide a dignified life for the affected people in camps, many activities were included in “Ihyaa” Project to include many of life’s needs in Northern Syria camps, where we worked on:
1- Constructing latrines
2- Providing regular cleaning of latrines
3- Providing latrines with water tanks
4- Providing clean water on a daily basis
5- Establishing high water tanks
6- Constructing water networks
7- Providing camps with garbage bins, in addition to regular waste removal
8- Providing awareness sessions on hygiene
9- Distributing hygiene kits

The beneficiaries number of this project is 8,278 in 8 camps.