Donate Now مشاريع دعم الاطفال واليافعين السوريين لحياة افضل للأطفال سوريا Children of Syria
A childhood stolen by war
Find out about Takaful Al-Sham projects that support Syrian children for more
تبرع لسوريا عبر منظمة تكافل الشام 8 سنوات من العطاء Eight years of giving ... Toward a man who is guided by
human values and who contributes to building his society
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Takaful al-Sham was founded in 2012 by a group of people and volunteers who are interested in humanitarian work in response to the crisis in Syria that resulted in millions of severely affected people and refugees in an unprecedented way, where Hundreds of thousands of children suffered from violence, displacement and ignorance and that was a sign for a dark future for the next generation.

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To ease their suffering and put a smile on their faces


Your Help is Warm to Them

GOAL : 10000$


Thousands of families are staying in camps in northern Syria, in the extreme cold, where the torrential waters uprooted their worn tents, putting them and their children under harsh conditions.



Two girls with disabilities… are waiting for your goodness

GOAL : 245$


Our field team visited this family and surveyed it. Their highest priority is a wheelchair for "Fatima" , heating materials with the coming of the winter season



He is about to lose his sight .. Be light for him

GOAL : 600$


Taher needs Lasik surgery to treat his eyesight, but he does not have the money for this operation, as he is displaced and can barely secure his family's daily sustenance.


Our programs

We work to provide education and protection for children and rehabilitate adolescents and young people through a scientific methodology and innovative tools

Protection and Empowerment of Adolescents Program

To empower and support adolescents and provide psychological support services to those affected by the war in Syria

Education program

To support schools and create a safe educational environment for children inside Syria

Livelihoods and Early Recovery Program

To qualify and empower young people and professionals and support small projects

WASH Program

To provide people with clean water, sanitation and hygiene products to protect them from diseases.

Food Security Program

To help fleeing civilians and those affected by war and provide food for them

CCCM Program

To provide a safe space in a camp setting to enable families to live in dignity with life’s services and requirements to get by.

SNFI Program

To provide shelter and a warm place to reside in with the basic needs and resources to help people live on a daily basis.