About the Program

TAS’s Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) seeks to provide safe living conditions for those in camps and informal settlements. Although camp settlement is not the most ideal, it is considered a temporary solution until returning to a dignified life that once existed. So TAS aims to engage the beneficiaries and those living in the camps and outside of them with the opportunities of learning and developing themselves. Opportunities which will, in the long run, enable adults, youth and children alike to resume a resilient life.
TAS not only establishes and expands camps, but also provides full multi-sectoral services in camps, engages in Camp Management and Camp Coordination. Capacity building of the authorities, leaders in the communities, establishing committees and those in camp management. Strong relations based on trust and reliability with the Camp Management, Local Authorities and Beneficiaries and the Committees has enabled us to work bigger and better.

CCCM Program in Numbers

To provide a safe space in a camp setting to enable families to live in dignity with life’s services and requirements to get by.