Two Girls with Disabilities are Waiting for Your Generosity

Two girls with disabilities… are waiting for your goodness

The two sisters “Fatima” (13 years old) and “Aida” (11 years old) have a cerebral disability that prevents them from living a stable life; they cannot walk without assistance and they suffer frequent and almost daily epileptic and convulsions. This condition has made the family’s life a tragedy, especially their mother who gives them the best care she could offer.

Their father is unable to provide the supplies that facilitate their lives, especially after their displacement and the low financial conditions.

Our field team visited this family and surveyed it. Their highest priority is a wheelchair for "Fatima" , heating materials with the coming of the winter season, nappies for the two children, an epilepsy medicine, and food that can be sufficient for a month in addition to an amount of money to buy their private needs.