Eid Clothes for Displaced Children

Contribute to bringing joy for the displaced children in Northern Syria during Ramadan

Eid Clothes for Displaced Children:

Omar bin Al-Khattab, (RIP), narrated that Prophet Mohamad (peace be upon him) was asked: Which work is better? He said: Bringing joy to a believer.

We seek, in the "Eid Clothes for Displaced Children" Project - Ramadan 2021, to bring joy for the displaced children in the camps in northern Syria.

Eid clothes is what brings joy to children during this festive celebration. It brings happiness and distracts them from their suffering in the camps.

In Northern Syria, over 1 million people still live in displacement camps, where the basic necessities of a decent life are absent.

Contribute to alleviate their suffering in Ramadan.

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