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A child supporting his family ... Support him to return to his school

After displacement with his family from the city of Aleppo, the father of the child, “Ahmed” (11 years old), suddenly became quadriplegic (ischemia of the brain), which forced “Ahmed” to go and find a job leaving his education. Ahmed is very sad that he and his brothers cannot go to school like other children, but circumstances forced them to do so. What makes things worse is that Ahmed can’t make enough money to cover the family's basic needs, and let's suppose that he left work and went to school, how to secure education costs and how is his family going to live with no income?

Our field team visited and surveyed this family. One of its most prominent needs was a wheelchair for Ahmed’s father, medicines, nappies, in addition to sponges, blankets, kitchen utensils, heating materials, and an amount of money for the family to bring their private needs.