About the Project:

The agricultural sector was heavily damaged in Syria due to the prolonged war, negatively affecting the society that considers agriculture as one of its main active economic sectors in Syria. We launched the idea of “Bayader” Project out of the importance of supporting farmers and providing wheat which is the basic item that Syrian people make bread from. “Bayader” Project provided the following services:
1- Land cultivation service for the supported lands
2- Theoretical and practical training by specialists
3- Seeds, phosphate fertilizers, Urea fertilizer and pesticide through e-vouchers system
4- Weeds removal service from the supported lands
5- Recruitment of many females within Cash for Work activity to provide some agricultural service for benefiting farmers from the project
6- Distribution of canvas wheat sacks for harvesting
7- Regular monitoring of the supported lands

The project was implemented in Azaz, Akhatreen, Sharan, and Janderis.