Aman Project

About the project:

the years of continuous suffering in Syria have left behind serious psychological and social consequences that need immediate action to address and reduce them as much as possible …

“Aman” project, launched by Takaful Al-Sham in Aleppo rural, northern Syria, it came to support all affected community groups through the following services:

  •  Case management service: the project provide assistance to the most vulnerable people and connects them to the centers that provide them with various services according to their needs.
  • Life skills sessions and various psychosocial support sessions.
  • Specialized psychological counseling for different cases.
  • Connecting children to education by registering them in the nearest appropriate school.

To encourage the people to benefit from the project activities, the following services were provided:

  •  Free transportation service from the beneficiaries’ homes to the center, back and forth.
  • Childcare service, where a room is selected to receive children, supervised by a specialized caregiver who takes care of the children and provides them with useful entertainment while their mothers attend training and various activities.

The center guarantees the privacy and complete confidentiality of the beneficiaries’ data during the provision of various services, especially the case management services and specialized psychological counseling.

The project is based on expert supervisors supported by a group of trainers to ensure the greatest effectiveness and impact of the activities and services provided to the people.

Project “Aman” … in pursuit of a safe society.

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